Medical EquipmentProtective clothing and test equipment for the health care professional, as well as the private citizen.

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus in January, 2020, Strategic Tools & Equipment Company has been working with its worldwide network of engineering and manufacturing partners to offer some of the most critical products, which are in short supply.

STE intends to offer these products for the long term.

The products shown on the Website are only examples of the categories of products available to customers. Use our services for unique products in the following categories:

  • Many items of personal protective clothing:
    • Gowns
    • Face shields
    • Nitrile gloves
    • KN95 masks
    • Surgical masks
    • Medical goggles
  • Multiple types of hand sanitizer
  • No-touch infra-red thermometers
  • Anti-viral tape, to cover any surface, screens treated with the anti-viral coating, and anti-viral face shields.