• Apply a tape to any surface, flat or round, to make it safe against bacteria and viruses for months (depending on traffic on that surface.)
  • Uses a patented coating. Fully tested.
  • Anti-Pathogen – Prevents cross infection by killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Non Toxic – Made from 100%natural antimicrobial material.
  • Easy to Use – Self adhesive, easily removed without leaving residue. Easy to clean.
  • Semi-permanent – Excellent durability.
  • Available in 11cm x 5m and 33cm x5 m rolls, 78x48cm desk mats, 15.5x23cm sheets, and light switch covers.
  • Applications: door knobs, railings, light switches, desk tops, counters, screens, etc.


Part Numbers:

APT1011: 11cm x 5m Roll (Non-transparent)

APT1033: 33cm x 5m Roll (Transparent)

APT1033K: 33cm x 5m Roll (Kids design)

  APDM103: 78x48cm Desk Mat

APSS106: 15.5x23cm sheet (medical chart size)

APSC105: Switch Cover

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