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  • The ultimate kit for the advanced diagnostic technician.
  • Contains a comprehensive range of connection leads. Upgrade from the ASLK12 Sensor/ ECU Test Lead Kit
  • Enables the fast and easy connection of test equipment (digital multimeters, scopes, current clamps, etc.) to nearly any vehicle connector, sensor, actuator, or device for taking "live" measurements of nearly any vehicle component
  • Includes application guide indicating which size leads are used with each manufacturer.
  • Differs from most other kits in that it includes a selection of "Y" style breakout leads for quick and easy connection of meters and scopes to live vehicle circuits for testing and analysis.
  • Includes 5 "Y" leads in each terminal size to allow live connection and measurement of up to 5 circuits simultaneously.  
  • Adaptors to test all automotive fuse styles: ATC, Mini, and Maxi.
  • Five wire pre-assembled harnesses, to test even sensors with five circuits. A huge time-saving feature.
  • Covers sensors/ valves/ solenoids/ actuators/ injectors/ starter circuit/ ignition coil, etc.
  • Complete with guide to which adapter lead sizes to use on which car makes
  • All leads cover applications with five circuits, covering even uncommon test applications. Includes sizes not found in other kits.
  • Also includes general purpose useful components, such as small and large alligator clips, piercing probes, acicular probes for back-probing, airbag simulators, and a variable potentiometer.
  • Easily enables the active measurement/analysis of passive or live circuits. Just unplug the sensor or actuator in question, connect the appropriate adapter leads to all pins, and begin measuring, or power up the vehicle or circuit to test live.
  • The use of standard banana pin sockets allows easy and fast connection of DVMs, automotive oscilloscopes, breakout boxes, or other test equipment.
  • In heavy-duty case with handle on end for saving space.