Professional hand tools for the automotive, aviation, and industrial technician and workshop.

Since 2005, Strategic Tools & Equipment Company has been developing unique professional hand and impact tools for sale under many famous brands, world-wide. The products shown on the Website are only examples of the categories of products we can offer our customers. Use our services for unique products in the following categories:

  1. Impact sockets up to 100mm and 1.5” drive
  2. Ratcheting wrenches. 72, 90, 120 teeth, multi-profile drive. From 8 to 32mm
  3. Digital, insulated and dial type torque wrenches, for automotive and aviation use
  4. Insulated ratchets and sockets
  5. Tools for turning damaged fasteners and extracting studs, up to 100% rounded off
  6. Locking pliers